Service Quality

Service Quality 

Build a world-class customer service mindset

“The purpose of business is to create customers.”

Peter Drucker

Customer Experience matters when it comes to repeat business and recommendations. Advertising and marketing may get the customer to try your products or services, but most consumers base their judgment of whether to return primarily to their experience. It is the customer service they receive that highly influences the experience. Recognizing and delivering upon customer expectations is essential to building any successful business. To accomplish that, one must offer differentiated, exceptional service valued by customers – both external and internal –and fulfill the promise consistently at every touch point. Market leaders of today invest in customer retention, building customer loyalty and have a strong commitment to building their brand through their people. If you want to be consistently at the top of the service charts we can help you by:

  • Evaluating your service experience offerings based on customer feedback
  • Differentiate your customer service and align with your brand position in the market
  • Drive ownership for customer service down to the customer-facing levels of your organization
  • Build and reinforce your service reputation by wowing customers with service

At TMI Turkey, we have the expertise and experience in service excellence to help you develop and implement service strategies to keep the customers you have worked so hard to get and to and extend your customer base by attracting new customers.

We can create a business success with your service by using one or all of our following consulting initiatives:

  • Customer Service Excellence Consultancy
  • Operationalizing the Service Process
  • Shaping a Customer Centric Culture (SCC)
  • Mapping Your Service Recovery Process