Leadership Development

Leadership Development 

Engaging People to Succeed and Excel

Leadership EssentialsWe all know and experience by heart that the employees –including us- donʼt quit their ʻjobsʼ they leave their leaders.

Successfully leading and managing people poses very different challenges today than it did not so long ago. Managers today not only need to excel at mastering organizational complexity but also act as competent leaders creating the appropriate environment for robust, engaged and inspired performance at times of significant change.

Leading a team or an organization comprised of several teams to success and sustainability is at least as much an emotional challenge, as it is an intellectual one.

Great leadership does not come about on its own. One must first gain the necessary experience, insights, and competencies to meet particular challenges well equipped. We define leadership as taking people where theyʼve never been before and thatʼs not easy to do.

As TMI Turkey, a company being in the network of TMI a/s who helped over 3 million people in organizations around the world to achieve more with less we have vast expertise in all leadership improvement essentials. However, this is not all. Such power and know-how come not only from our TMI core expertise but also from by combining complementary knowledge and learning initiatives. These added over the years, and we have created our leadership improvement conceptual approaches and methods which make us having a vast experience and capability which is hard to match.

The Leadership Essentials Portfolio of TMI Turkey offers you a range of bespoke solutions to meet the challenges of your leaders at all levels. A typical solution would encompass elements of pre, during and post development processes to enhance learning effectiveness and offer higher Return on Investment (ROI) for your organization.

All our solutions are designed and delivered to help in providing solutions about following essentials of the leaders at all levels:

  • We equip your leaders and managers with the insights and capabilities to lead their team and organizations to success
  • We help your leaders and managers appreciate the importance of emotions in effective leadership so that they contribute to the better team and organizational performances
  • We bring performance management to live. We teach them to help their team members improve their productivity and effectiveness for sustained success to organizations
  • We equip your leaders and managers with performance management tools that they can use
  • We make sure that your leaders and managers learn the organizational psychology and dynamics of the change process, and we equip them with the strategies and practical approaches to successfully lead and manage change
  • We help your leaders and managers to gain the ability to hold employees accountable for their performance while maintaining a positive morale and work culture
  • We teach your leaders and managers ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ rules of all leadership and management concepts so that management and staff must live by to work effectively
  • We guide your leaders and managers to manage efficiently and help them to engage their leadership driving a sustainable winning performance