Global Projects

Global Projects 

 Unilever and TMI-TACK cooperation started eight years ago and since the TMI-TACK designs and delivered Project Management and New Managers’ Program in all the countries Unilever is present. Both training programs are prepared specially for the global needs and expectations of Unilever, and the first program ran in 2009. TMI Turkey has been delivering the programs for five years, and the project includes e-learning programs and measurements before the classroom training.

Johnson Controls designed a unique training program for all their sales teams all over the world. TACK-TMI created this particular training program in Geneva with a global team of training consultants of TMI and TACK according to the clients’ needs and expectations. After the designing phase, all countries did another workshop within their teams to adjust and customize the program to local sales groups. It is a 2days training program and ran in 2015 with the participation of all Johnson Controls sales teams in Turkey.

  CCM Consultancy organizes training programs for pharmaceuticals such as Pfizer, and Bayer in the world. TMI Turkey has been delivering training programs for Bayer and Pfizer under the organization of CCM Consultancy for three years.TMI Turkey’s training consultants deliver “Winning Presentation Techniques” programs to KOL Doctors of Pfizer and Bayer in Athens and Dubai in both Turkish and English.

 In 2015, Leadership in Safety and Health program is designed by TACK Switzerland and delivered to all Nestle Turkey executives by TACK Turkey. Training program uniquely designed for the executives to create an awareness of safety and health in Nestle way and encourage them to align their teams with Nestle regulations. As for 2016 two programs are delivered for Nestle Turkey executives, one is a one day long English program delivered by TACK Switzerland, and the other one is 1,5 days long program provided by TMI Turkey in Turkish.

 Sygenta is a worldwide organisation operates in Turkey in seed industry. Sygenta's sales team in different cities as part of an international training development program in 2013.Training needs analysis are done by TMI Romania followed by field Works by TMI Turkey to acknowledge the needs and expectations locally. We have successfully delivered six groups of TACK Sales Training Course-1 to all Sygenta sales team member.

 Vestas is one of world’s leading organizations in the field of energy.Project leader was TMI Denmark in this Project and TMI Turkey played and active and important role in this Project.Vestas executives participated in training programs as well as one-to-one coaching sessions in the name of development of leadership and management skills. Project took place between May-September of 2015.