Unique TMI Concepts

Unique TMI Concepts 

TMI Corporate Change Philosophy is mainly about individua.ls and aims to establish a culture named Employeeship”, where individuals take responsibility, use initiative, are effective and do their utmost to the best of the organization.

The main goal is that the individuals become “Winners” which means they:

  • Are self- equipped so as to meet what is expected of them
  • Know oneself well and knows how to highlight strengths as well as develop weaknesses
  • Are result oriented
  • Are at ease colleagues
  • Are aware that establishing positive relationship with the team is a benefit for them
  • Have learned to enjoy the work and working together
  • Are aware of the fact that they can manage their life with an own will rather than being a victim of life or circumstances

TMI Corporate Change Philosophy’s main purpose is to encourage people to adopt a positive attitude in private and business life and as well as doing their best and participate more.

TMI Corporate Change Philosophy, therefore, contains cooperation and solidarity towards these goals, provides many fundamental ready to use tools both for employees and managers to establish a common language and culture.

TMI Corporate Change Philosophy helps individuals to:

  • Review their relations with themselves and with others
  • Understand how giving strokes and paying attention effect perspective on life and influence on behaviors
  • Practice basic behavioral patterns to healthy relations with clients, co-workers, managers and friends
  • Encourage them to take responsibility for positive change in their life and make them believe that they are capable of doing it
  • TMI Corporate Change Philosophy accepts business excellence model in teams and organizations. This philosophy is accepted by many respected small to large organizations and their employees and used as a leverage in huge change processes.

TMI Corporate Change Philosophy consists of following concepts:

A Complaint Is a Gift™ - Using customer feedback as a strategic tool 

Be a Double BaggerBringing out the best of yourself and others  at work and everywhere 

Employeeship™ - A concept to mobilize energy organization-wide 

Heart Work™- Putting heart into your work

Emotionally Intelligent LeadershipEmotions drive behavior 

Time Manager™ - Key principles for effective people 

Personal Guarantee™ - Guarantee your work by putting your name on it!

Personal Quality™ - Quality for everyone

Putting People First™ - "Put your people first, they will put the customer first"

Teamship™ - Team Building for Winning Teams

Reaching for the Stars™ - Total quality in team performance