TMI Turkey

TMI Turkey 

We Transform, Manage and Inspire so that your staff performance aligned with your brand

TMI Turkey is a partner of TMI a/s -a world-leading organizational change and training consultancy company- in Turkey and Turkic Republics since 1989. 

We aim to help you achieve your organizational goals through energized, productive people. We do this through a combination of consulting, training programs, and measurement processes to sustain the momentum of change after our involvement.

Our focus is on change through your people. Since 1989, we provide an expanded, holistic approach to developing and managing, and sustaining, long-term customer relationships by offering specialized consulting and training services for every industry. We do this by localizing the globally important, current and valid know-how for Turkey and delivering to the clients in our unique "TMI Way". The power and expertise come not only from our TMI Core Know-How but also from by combining complementary knowledge’s and learning initiatives that have added over the years and creating its conceptual approaches and methods.

However, this is not all. Being a part of many international projects of our Solution Provider, which requires high performance and standardization, we have gained an enormous experience and capability which is hard to match. 

We work with organizations of all sizes to develop innovative, customized solutions that inspire and enable high performance by engaging and inspiring individuals around a common purpose to give their best selves. So is our ability to implement and integrate solutions throughout your organization to make them work and make them last — combining short-term results with long-term value.

At TMI Turkey we have the unique skills and ability to:

  • Communicate– Communicating and deploying high-level concepts through inspiring and easily explicit messages to people at all levels of your organization.
  • Inspire– Utilize inspiration as a catalyst to overcome resistance to change, facilitating the transformation process, and shaping your organizational culture.
  • Achieve–Instilling a new vitality and purpose at every level of your organization and mobilizing everyone’s energy towards the achievement of your organizational goals.

TMI Turkey makes sure that your management team individual staff performances aligned with your brand by focusing on four critical Key Performance Areas:

  • Branded Culture -Leveraging the power of your brand to mobilize the potential in people, create competitive advantage and transform the customer experience. 
  • Service Essentials -Instilling refined customer service practices and behaviors to retain and extend your customer base.
  • Performance Essentials -Enhancing personal and team effectiveness to help you meet the business challenges of today – and tomorrow.
  • Leadership Essentials -Equipping today’s leaders with the insights and capabilities, they need to activate strategies and lead organizations to excel and succeed.