TMI Business Philosophy

TMI Business Philosophy 

Evergreens of Management

Many organizations know that they need to change under today’s dynamics and would like to put new management models into practice. Unfortunately, these new practices won’t work for many who can’t even put basic work principles into practice.

Usually, the organizations, who hope for help from the latest management models and principles, do not get the desired outcomes even they spent a fortune to implement them. It is a common story for many of the organizations that they can not end the projects and does not improve their usual way of doing business even a step further. Furthermore, these futile efforts create a negative perception of employees towards the organization and the management team – this may even reflect clients too- which creates doubt, insecurity, unwillingness, apathy looser attitude within the organization.

There are of course many reasons why the new management models do not work.

One of the most important factors for such a failure is the lack of the ownership and involvement in all stages of the project. 

Managers are so busy with their day-to-day management issues, they prefer to deal with urgent matters rather than dealing with what change process requires. That is the reason why many projects stay trapped behind closed doors where the management and/or a committee meets and becomes impossible for fingertip employees to understand what is going on and why.

TMI Turkey believes that Evergreens of Management have not changed and will never change and created the “Business Excellence” concept based on those principles which everyone and organization can easily understand and adopt.

Business Excellence

For an organization to aim business excellence, to manage all processes in the best way and get results, it needs to reach excellence in both areas at the same time:

  • Professional Business Excellence, being excellent in the knowledge and skills set within the industry it is in,
  • General Business Excellence, being excellent in the general business knowledge and skills set which can be applied to all industries. 

General Business Excellence

TMI Turkey provides services for businesses and organizations to ensure General Business Excellence.

General Business Excellence concept is the foundation of adding value to the company only when everyone in the organization shows the skills of:

  • Creating value while being efficient and effective
  • Problem-solving
  • Reaching good and right decisions,
  • Continuous improvement of the quality beyond expectations,
  • Motivating everyone in the organization and mobilizing their energy,
  • Using the management techniques timely and appropriately

Managerial Behaviour

General Business Excellence is about adopting and applying Managerial Behaviour Criteria in the area of Productivity, Relations and Quality processes.