Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners 

At TMI Turkey, we pursue strategic alliances that complement the core skills of our Companies to deliver complete solutions, and they are selected for their alignment with the TMI Turkey’s mission, provide essential support and solutions, and are the driving force behind our activities and work with our clients.

  • Formalized long-term agreements
  • Multiple cross-enterprise initiatives underway
  • Very tight linkages to our strategic direction
  • Supplier relationships beyond our core competencies
  • A shared risk to the relationship and win-win benefits to be realized

These select strategic alliances are committed to open, standards-based solutions. The solutions leverage the power of TMI Turkey to deliver global know-how collaboration and a more dynamic customer experience. Our joint solutions better meet the demands of clients who seek to get the best solution under one roof that offers the lowest total cost of the projects.

Our Strategic Partners helps us to deliver the best complementary solutions. These may be:

  • A particular training content
  • Assessment tools
  • Simulations and games
  • Business model
  • A technology based solution that helps us to serve our clients better before, during or after a project
  • An LMS company that we use and/or share with our clients, a company who develops e-Learning and help us to provide blended learning solutions
  • A regional company to help us to give better service to our customers outside of Turkey

Want to be a Strategic Partner with TMI Turkey?

As TMI Turkey, we have the advantage of providing access to Turkey for an international player -who has solutions beyond or complementary competencies- in a cost effective way without any risk.

Every year we have got inquiries from international and local providers, and we are also proactively looking for exceptional partnerships of which mutually benefit and proud.f.

We examine five areas of fit when rating our Strategic Partners:

  • Strategic: Is there alignment between our group strategies to bring a new or complementary solution for our clients?
  • Commercial: Can this alliance create significant financial value? Is it a long-term player?
  • Technical: Can the products/services be easily defined? Is there clear scope?
  • Cultural: Can all parties agree to the collaboration/decision-making process?
  • Operational: Can all parties agree to a legal framework? How is liability assigned?

  • Corporate e-Learning
  • Presentation Films
  • Education Portals
  • 2D and 3D Animations
  • Presentation Design
  • Entertainment Game Design
  • Web Design
  • Virtual Reality Applications
  • E-mail marketing
  • Localization Services
Infinity Teknoloji, a leading multimedia and software company who is specialized in developing the most effective e-learning, software, and e-marketing solutions for various projects since 1995.Infinity Teknoloji offers the following services to a wide client range in all sectors:

Northgate Training Activities is the leading provider of innovative, participative team activities (learning by doing) which save trainers time and effort by giving them creative and critical resources that are packed with learning points.

Northgate’s philosophy is that learning by doing is the best way to learn. Northgate activities require delegate participation, the vital ingredient for effective learning. 

Northgate’s aim is to make it easy for anyone to put experiential learning into his/her training programs to ensure they are enjoyable, memorable and efficient so that:

  • Engages and motivates participants
  • Allows for learning from each other (peer teaching)
  • Offers a chance for feedback and reflection
  • Encourages the development of workplace skills
  • Makes the learning memorable - and fun!

Founded in 2009 Nefes Okulu is a personal development and counseling center serving programs on Proper Breathing, Mindful Breathing, and Breathing Techniques for Stress Management. Nefes Okulu also provides different programs on coaching, NLP, leadership and effective communication. Nefes Okulu serves training programs on Proper Breathing, Mindful Breathing, Breathing Techniques for Stress Management and various areas, whereas coaching, NLP, leadership programs and effective communication. 

Color Research and Consultancy is a consulting company helps to the clients’ management to take strategic decisions with its unique qualitative and quantitative research services. In addition to traditional research methods, the company works with a boutique and solution oriented company which adopts providing innovators and sustainable services to its clients. Color Research and Consultancy conducts studies on customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, mystery shopper, corporate identity auditing notably in finance, banking, retailing, building sector, energy sector and construction sectors with its solution partner PDR Group.

Prof. Zihni Sinir is a curious, practical-minded, humorous scientist cartoon character who has unique inventions for Turkish people, created by İrfan Sayer. He has developed many innovative workshops to be used for children and adult creativity. As TMI Turkey, we have the rights to use the Prof. Zihni Sinir know-how either in our training or a standalone live learning workshop in our team building programs.