Solution Partners

Solution Partners 

TMI Turkey brings together and customizes the proven tools and methodologies of the world’s most respected brands which operate more than 50 countries. We are proud of being a part of our Licensors and Solution Partners who are the pioneers in the corporate training and consulting business in the world, and they create value in more than 30 languages to thousands of multinational and local clients.

Unlike many of other training and workforce performance companies, we are a true believer of the real know-how. This is why for nearly 30 years we have paid millions of Dollars to our Licensors to convey their expertise to Turkey under the name of royalty, training and consulting and other events.

Working with our Solution Providers enables us to:

  • Benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of products that are regularly updated and in line with market trends
  • Gain access to their research, thought leadership, best practices, case studies, white papers, sales tips, events, and webinars
  • Train and develop our Training and Development Consultants with their product and sales system training and certification programs, orientation program and Annual World Congresses and conferences
  • Access to their state-of-the-art systems and products and readily available training materials
  • Provide add-on consulting and training to our processes
  • Work with their global client base
  • Ability to deliver global training initiatives and international projects

The success and the leadership of TMI Turkey come from the fact that we have been a perfect adaptor to customize the know-how we represent into our local culture.

However, that is not all. While the PDR Group of Companies operates independently in their expertise areas under the brand of its Licensor, they cooperate with each other to create unique solutions by combining each other’s conceptual approaches and methods. Such an international experience and competency enabled the TMI Turkey not only to take significant roles in the international projects of our Solutions Partners around the world but also having the power of closing contracts in the neighboring countries of Turkey.