Our Brand Values

Our Brand Values 

TMI Turkey is the founding company of PDR Group and for nearly 30 years, we are the best corporate training company that has touched hundreds of thousands of business people and create an impact on their both personal and business lives.

Today, TMI Turkey still plays a significant role within PDR Group with its expertise and experience about gathering, bundling and correlating the new know-how’s and methodologies and be the primary contributor to PDR Group, who has defined herself as “more than a company.”

As TMI Turkey, we have been sticking to our goal to be always the best and did our best, and we want to keep our position of having the best quality people, presentations, products, processes, and support in the business!

Apart from the values of PDR Group (People, Knowledge, Continuous Learning and Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility) which of course we fully commit and loyal we also have our following brand values which make TMI Turkey unique and the pioneer of the corporate training industry in Turkey.

We are special and unique because:

  • Vibrancy – We do it like no one else.
  • Engaged – We get to the fingertips of the organization.
  • Memorable – We deliver strategies that create lasting change.
  • Specific – We are flexible to fit your needs.
  • Reliable – We do what we say we will do.
  • Worldwide – We operate where you want us to.

Photo: Claus Moller, Founder of TMI a/s