Ali Emre
Chairman, PDR Group

After working for Arthur Andersen Turkey and NCR Turkey, Ali founded PDR International in 1989, as a licensee of TMI, which he then grew and positioned it as the leading firm of its kind in Turkey. After some divestment and additions, PDR Group now consists of participating companies providing specialized consulting and training services who are working with a vision of organic growth via strategic alliances and inorganic growth by merging and acquiring the successful businesses in Turkey and abroad.

Ali also works with a portfolio of clients, where he advises boards of business and equity growth, helping them to transform results. In his works with his clients, Ali creates a focus on growth, profitability and competitive advantage for shareholders interested in taking their work to the next level, whether that is the next strategic growth target or a liquidity event. He is adept and skilled at navigating the various inflection points and glass ceilings that typically hamper clients' growth.

In 2010, Ali stepped back from executive leadership of PDR Group but remained in his role as Chairman. Ali is married and has two children, and he is the author of the business book, "MBÖ / Management by Öylesine".

Meltem Şakarcan
CEO and Board Member, PDR Group

In her role as CEO of PDR Group since 2009, Meltem is responsible for the integration and growth of PDR Group and its brands. She most recently served as Managing Director of Telephone Doctor Turkey, where she more than tripled the company’s size in less than three years.

Meltem serves on the Executive Committee of PDR Group, as well as on the boards of the group companies. In addition to her business leadership responsibilities, Meltem is an onboarding coach and leadership consultant where she advises executives on business and equity growth, helping them to lead and manage better.

Meltem is married and has two children, and she is the co-author of the business book “Shift”.

Ayşegül Drahşan
Managing Director, TMI Turkey

In her role as Managing Director of TMI Turkey since 2015, Ayşegül is responsible for the growth of TMI Turkey. After graduation from Yeditepe University, Ayşegül worked in the advertising sector until she joined FED Training and Consulting as a project manager where she managed various projects on innovation and customer experience in FMCG, Automotive, banking and pharmaceutical industries.

Ayşegül joined to PDR Group as sales manager in 2009, and she was awarded “Emerging Young Talent Of the Year” in 2010 and “Initiative of The Year”, with Hyundai Sales Academy Project in 2011.

She most recently served as Assistant General Manager of TMI Turkey and became the Managing Director in 2015. Ayşegül serves on the Executive Committee of PDR Group as well as on the boards of the group companies to create a synergy within PDR Group.

Ayşegül is married and has a child, and she is the co-author of the business book “Shift”.

Nurdan Gülay
Assistant Managing Director, TMI Turkey

After graduating from Communication Faculty, University of Istanbul, Nurdan started and continued her career as an account executive in some of the biggest advertising agencies as well as public relations organizations. She then continued her in a different sector by joining Çelebi Ground Handling and served as assistant manager, where she managed ground handling agreements and petrol sales and distribution to national and international airlines.

Nurdan joined TMI Turkey in 1997 in the sales department and handled many accounts ever since. Establishing training needs analysis, creating and presenting training and consultancy solutions to clients, managing key accounts, leading training consultants, customer relations, developing new projects, marketing activities may be some of the responsibilities she manages during her work in TMI Turkey.

Nurdan won different awards in TMI Network different years such as “Business Developer of the Year” ve “Collaborative Projects Development" Awards.

Nurdan continues to work in TMI Turkey as Assistant Managing Director and also takes critical roles in the global projects in TMI Network.