To Be or Not To Be A TMI Consultant – That’s the Question…

TMI Turkey Training and Development Consultants have always been considered as the star of the corporate training industry in Turkey. Their skills, recruitment criteria, the training process, have always been a role model for the sector. PDR Group Training and Development Consultants run around 4000 training days in a year, and they have trained more than 600,000 professionals from 3500 companies.

The PDR Group consulting network is composed of over 35 Training and Development Consultants and always expanding. All PDR Consultants know that each company faces unique challenges, pressures and, of course, opportunities and are experts on:

  • Applying proven techniques, methodologies and best practices from one industry and apply it to others
  • Anticipating the particular needs of our clients
  • Helping clients address the inevitable shifts in their industries and the global economy
  • Offering modularized content that can be tailored easily and quickly
  • Developing communication strategies to accelerate program adoption
  • Sustaining learning through coaching, reconnect sessions, and reinforcement tools
  • Performing deep assessments and engage with senior leaders to align the solution with the strategy
  • Evaluating learning transfer and behavior change

It is not easy to get an average score of 4,85 out of 5,00 at around 100.000 days of engagement in nearly 30 years. Since 1989, starting with TMI Turkey, PDR Group Training and Development Consultants proved themselves and known as the exceptional performers in a competitive industry who have undergone TMI’s rigorous selection process.

That is not all. Since they are a part of the biggest network of consultants who are operating thousands of days in more than 50 countries, they can maintain their skill sets and always fresh and remain updated as a top performer. Also, our trainers take a role in most of the international projects as project leader and/or consultant that such international experience enables them to synthesize multiple perspectives and provide an enhanced learning experience.

Therefore, when you work with us either in one day training or a one year project, you will get an utmost experience from all PDR Group Training and Development Consultants who possess desirable qualities and set of personal skills that are strongly interrelated: experience, patience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and a natural affinity with groups.