TURQUALITY® is an ambitious project associated with bringing “Turkey” and “Quality” concepts together. The project is initiated by the Turkish Government, Ministry of Economy, Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM), and Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Association (ITKIB). The initial legal framework was laid out publicly on January 12th, 2004.

TURQUALITY® is basically an accreditation system, which is designed not only for elevating the beneficiary companies to the level of international benchmarks but also creating awareness on the internationally accepted values like quality and novelty that are actually carried by these brands.

As a “national brand-building program”, TURQUALITY®’s goal is to facilitate and support the success of Turkish brands on the international arena.

To achieve these ambitious goals, TURQUALITY® program will broaden its vision to the wider concept of “quality in brand management” and emphasize its support services component with the inclusion of highly customized strategic coaching and consulting.

To support companies in their brand-building efforts, TURQUALITY® helps them to develop essential capabilities, competencies, skills and resources necessary to fulfill such a complex commitment through both group and individual activities.

As the first international corporate training organization to achieve ISO 9001 and ISO 10002 Quality Assurance Accreditation you can be assured that PDR Group of Companies take standards seriously so you receive consistently high quality. We have operated with full quality management processes, issued by the SGS Turkey continuously since 1992. The system covers all aspects of our business; we are audited annually by SGS Turkey

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Hizmet üreten sektörlerde, işyerleri, kurum veya kuruluşların verdiği hizmetlerin yeterliliğinin, ilgili Türk Standardına ve/veya Türk Standartları Enstitüsü tarafından hazırlanmış olan kriterlere uygunluğunu gösteren ve akt edilen sözleşme ile kullanılabilen geçerliliği 1 yıl olan belgedir. Bu belge tüketiciye verilecek hizmetlerin ve çeşitli işyerlerinin mevzuata uygunluğunu, imkan ve kabiliyetlerinin yeterliliğini gösterir.

Hizmet Yeri Yeterlilik Belgesini Kimler Alabilir?

  • 4077 sayili tüketicinin ve rekabetin korunmasi kanununa göre garanti kapsamina giren ürünleri imal ve ithal eden kuruluşlar;
  • İhale ile kamu hizmetlerini yapan ve yapmaya talip olan kuruluşlar;
  • Sektöründe kendi hizmet kalitesini müşterilerine karşi garanti ve ispat etmek isteyen kuruluşlar